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Inspiration - MyInnovation_myinnos.in
I am inspired by many people in each and every stage of my life and important person is pawankalyan from the begining of my life's journey.
In Personal Life
Pawankalyan (Actor/Politician)
A film personality, founder of Janasena Party, who has inspired me from his character, Simplicity and his patriotism. From his words and actions a lot has changed in my life.
In Childhood
Ranganadh (Mechanic)
He is a friend of my brother. When I was going down with my studies he made me think of my future by his inspiring words.
Suresh (Employee)
A neighbour, who has helped and inspired in all my works from childhood.
In Intermediate
Surendra (Principal)
Inter college Principal, person who has special role in moulding my career.
In Graduation
Satyam and Mahesh (Faculty)
Two dynamic persons who were faculties in Multimedia course. Their dynamic attitude made me develop my life skills.
Vasu (Employee)
My cousin. He is always there when I am steping into the new adventures in life.
Monohar (Lecturer)
He was not only my Lecturer. He has inspired me by his passion for helping needy people.
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