About Me

Prabhakar Thota

Mobile Engineer, UI/UX with more than six years of experience in a broad range of industries such as e-commerce, digital transactions etc., I believe in the quote, "Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things". The quote inspires me to be always creative, innovative and a learner. I always keep myself busy learning new things and doing research on little what I know. Also, I have built multiple android apps on my own, one of which has over 4.5 million downloads.

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My passion lies in development and designing so I chose this Graphic, Mobile(Android) and Web, also Machine Learning and AI field where I can be creative, Innovative, a learner. As I work on my projects, I always look forward to including the new techniques that I have learnt from different sources and keep on improving my work and myself.

The word "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" always stays in my heart and pushes me to lend my hand to needy people. I like travelling; in fact, my favourite thing to do is to go where I've never been. Travelling lets me get to socialize with new people and cultures.

Technical Skills

  • Programing/Script
    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • PHP
    • Dart*
    • Python
    • Node.js*
  • Web and App Development
    • HTML5/CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • RoomDB
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • Flutter*
  • Primary Tools
    • Android Studio
    • Sublime
    • Jupyter/Colab
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • XCode
  • Technology
    • AWS
    • DigitalOcean
    • Git
    • Firebase
    • Hostinger
    • Prodcutivity Tools

“Do what you love and you will never work another day in your life” perfectly fits Prabhakar. I have always found Prabhakar as a guy who is immensely passionate about coding and is always up for exploring new developments in the technology space. In addition to his sound technical skills, Prabhakar also understands the bigger picture and business value in every project he delivers.

Manu Dawar

Product Head, 1BRIDGE.

Prabhakar was the lead developer at Hey Bob. One thing that always stood out about him was his energy and inquisitiveness. He never shied away from experimenting and was always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience.

Girish Nadig

Co-Founder, HeyBob.

Prabhakar is passionate about technology and was instrumental in building our product. He took the lead to restructure our code base and brought down the app size by 70%.                                                                        

Aditya Kulakarni

CEO, BabyOnBoard.

He has not only contributed in developing solutions and products but also playing a critical role in understanding and implementing products the way the customer would need it. He has an acute pain-in-the-ass knack of digging deep and wide into technologies that helps the product to be up to date. Has a very good eye for creativity too. I would recommend not only employing him but also plan the future of a product/company with him.

Vinay Reddy

Co-Founder, HeyBob.

I really love working with Prabhakar, impressed about his achivements...I like people who get things done, and this is Prabhakar in a nutshell. He is organized, efficient, extremely competent, A total professional.             

Yogendra Mallikarjuna

CEO, HummingSoft Pvt Ltd.

Prabhakar has worked on the early version of our Android application, this has given him ample opportunity to learn and implement various concepts in the e-commerce domain. He is professional in his approach, organized, timely and ready to walk extra mile to achieve the given task. I wish him good luck for all his future endeavors.

Guruganesh Bhat

Founder, Urban Bridge, Inc.