Workshop on BigData & SAS at EPOCH | November 2014

Got the chance to be part of the workshop on big data analytics conducted by epoch research institute which was one of good learning experience.

ISRO Scientist in The Oxford | October 2014

Feeling proud of INDIA, saying congratulations to MOM (Mangalyaan) one of the scientist from ISRO, P.Sura had visited to my college and shared the experience. For this, I would like to extend my heartly thanks to college.

Awareness program in Gov. School | September 2014

Teaching technology to kids at Govt. First Grade School,Agara,Bangalore. wow !!, awesome moment in my life. I was taken to government school, and had to give the basic idealogy of computers and some new technologies we are into.

Techno Event'14 | September 2014

A great opportunity came in my way to conduct Techno Event'14 in my college with all collegemates, and I enjoyed the fest thorougly.

TechMindz - IT FIESTA'14 | March 2014

Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies had organized this National level IT fest. I enjoyed two days of fest. I travelled to this college in train from my place.

Shells'14 | April 2014

A perfectly organized college National level IT fest conducted by Kristu Jayanthi College, Bangalore. Here, I appreciate the dedication and effort of the KJC students. Hospitality was extremely good and I got to learn about managing qualities.

A Small Satisfaction | March 2014

The quote "Small ocean make a ocean" inspires every individual to lend their hands. I donated the prize money which I won in the web designing competition to the Samarthanam Handicap School and this will continue as long as my breath ends.

OxyTech'14 | March 2014

National IT fest organized by The Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore. I had a homely experience as the college is branch of my college. I thoroughly enjoyed the fest and I even got an opportunity to meet a multimedia person who gave me suggestions on web designing field.

CTCS-14 | March 2014

National conference on Current trends in computer science 2014 was organized in my college The Oxford college of Science. The conference, where all highly educated people met and discussed on current technologies. Many students including me presented projects and it was completely informative meet.

Gift for Me | December 2012

There was a unexpected gift for my birthday from my friends who took me to the Handicap school and donated some groceries for those lovely kids.

OxyGem | November 2013

Oxygem is a college E-Magazine. It was a chance for me to design a magazine for my college and a different learning experience as it was first time designing a magazine.

Social work in Hyderabad for Sweet Children | September 2013

"As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others". I got a golden opportunity to help the children with full of life. These children were deaf and dumb but the enthusiasm they had was enormous. I and my friends as a team representing pawanismmedia helped these kids by providing study materials.

Pawanism Media | November 2012

As I am inspired by Pawan Kalyan his words and his actions provoked me to start Social site. Pawanism is neither a political party nor a movie to act. It's a group of Pawan kalyan's followers, who got inspired with his character, simplicity and his helping nature towards the people and here you find the people, who really want to do something good for the society through the media called Pawanism Media.

Statistics Logo Presentation Day | October 2012

A logo designed by me for Statistics department. The experience was a combination of thinking and creativity, had to bring a new innovation to my work.